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Family History

Family History
The Matt Brewing Company was founded in 1888 by German-born immigrant Francis Xavier Matt, or F.X. as he liked to be called. After Prohibition, F.X., then 74, was joined by his sons Walter and Frank. Walter Matt, who served as company president until 1980, is credited with increasing sales and many building renovations, including the model brewhouse and Tour Center.

The Matt Family of Brewers

Today, under the leadership of the third and fourth generations of the Matt family, the brewery still crafts beer to the exacting standards set forth over a century ago.

True to their German brewing heritage, the Matt Brewery Company has earned its reputation as one of the country’s most respected brewers of specialty beers. In each bottle of Saranac, you’ll find a commitment to quality and patient attention to detail that is the signature of the Matt Brewing Company.

Nick Matt
In 1989, Nick Matt joined the Brewery as president and has led the effort to re-focus the brewery’s business. He has guided the development of the Saranac brand and successfully led the Brewery into new areas of growth and expansion, including successful line extensions and seasonals in the Saranac Family and new specialty products, like 1888 Tavern Root Beer. Before joining the family brewing business, Nick enjoyed a successful career as President and General Manager of Procter & Gamble’s Vick’s Health Care Division. He received his MBA from the Johnson School of Management at Cornell University. He also spent three years as a United States Naval Officer after obtaining a BA degree from Union College in 1967. Nick and his wife Susan have three children.

Fred Matt
With his uncle, Fred Matt has been successful in leading the Brewery into new areas of growth and the development of the Saranac brands. As Vice President of Marketing & Sales, Fred has been a key member of the management team since joining the Brewery in 1989. Instrumental in expanding the distributor network, Fred has successfully rebuilt the sales and marketing organization in order to support the explosive growth of the Saranac brand. Before joining the Brewery, Fred worked for several years as a Account Supervisor for Grey Advertising in New York City. He received his MBA from the Simon School of Business and his BA from Hobart College. Fred and his wife Carrie have three children.

F.X. Matt
Brewing student of the Duke of Baden and grandfather of F.X. Matt II, left Germany for the United States in 1878, becoming an intensely patriotic citizen. Proud of his brewing abilities, “The Founder” was flamboyant, excitable and hard-working.

Walter Matt
Company president from 1951 to 1980, had a “people sense,” his son F.X. II said of his father, smoothing ruffled feathers F.X. Matt I left behind at the brewery. Dedicated to the Utica community, he worked behind the scenes to attract new industry after textile mills left in the wake of World War II.

F.X. Matt II
President of the brewing company from 1980-1989 and Chairman from 1989 until his untimely passing in 2001. He was a graduate of Princeton University with a major in English, and had a knack for composing original limericks. In addition to managing the Brewery, FX II was a well-beloved local figure who devoted much of his energy to helping his community.